Welcome to the museum! Here we have some of our earlier games built on code.orgs app lab.

The PUZZLER: Artefact

This was my latest game for I only finished the first two levels, mainly because I began to develop on Unity and was getting laggy. The puzzles and graphics aren’t that bad though. This game is the closest that all these older games will get to all of the new stuff that will come out in the future.


This was the first game with my hand drawn graphics. It was a digital version of a puzzle box that my dad built for my birthday.

The PUZZLER: A glimpse into the future

This was my first game that was good. The graphics were pretty bad still (I were using CSS), but the puzzles weren’t half bad. It’s actually kind of fun.


This game was also fairly bad. The only really good level was the bonus level.


The sequel to The PUZZLER. It is also not that great.

The puzzler

This was my first game. It is pretty bad, and boring.

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