In The Darkness…

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What Is In The Darkness?

In The Darkness is a game where you are traveling through a dark maze filled to the brim with monsters that have only one purpose: To eat and kill. If you want to escape this dark land, then you must venture into the maze and explore every corner to discover its secrets. But be careful! The monsters are hiding in the darkness, waiting for the right time to strike! Originally made for the 2022 GeoJam, the Steam release of this game features an expanded map and story, with new secrets and paths to explore!

Art And Aesthetic

This game uses flat, geometric shapes for a minimalist art style. This game also utilises Light and Shadow to create the feeling of a dark and dreary maze that you are trapped in.


I have a strong belief in minimalist design, and this game reflects that. There is no flashy buttons or gizmos to distract you from the game. All you have is your encyclopaedia, and your map to aid you in your journey, each of which is toggled via a hotkey.


In this game, you’ll use the WASD keys (or joystick) to navigate around the maze. You will also be able to use the scrollwheel (or joystick) to aim your lantern at your surroundings. Use these tools to journey through the maze without getting eaten. You’ll also have your Encyclopaedia of Monsters, as well as a map that fills in as you explore the maze! Be warned though, death in this game is not so kind in this game. There are very few checkpoints, so death will mean restarting entire sections (only your map stays the same). Be prepared for a very difficult experience!

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