The Great Deer!

We’re very excited to announce our next game, The Great Deer! The Great Deer is a modern point-n-click adventure game. You play as an intrepid explorer searching for an artefact of great value. Journey into an ancient temple, discover the secrets within, and uncover the truth behind a sinister ritual taking place within its walls.

4 thoughts on “The Great Deer!

  1. I was so excited to see your new game! Gotta say it’s tough at times. I know you’re working on a walkthrough! I’m stuck…but keep going back to try again!!


  2. I’m in the room with the lion looking at a ball with an X on it and the window has a picture of the building. This room has the box on the floor where action is supposed to happen and when something happens, the little slider advances from left to right. I’m on the 3rd step of this, where the hunter is attempting to shoot the deer with a bow and arrow. The deer is looking back at the hunter with the bright white moon in the background. Unfortunately, I cannot advance the action here. Supposedly, another step is to happen, but in my game NOTHING happens. I cannot manually advance the slider and I’m tapping all over the image. I’m playing the game on my iPad Pro 12.9 inch, software version 15.4.1. I see the AppUnwrapper walkthrough video and in her playthrough something seems to just automatically happen to advance the game, but I cannot do this. I’ve tried closing the game and manually reseeting my iPadPro, and then re-opening the game, but I’m still stuck. Any suggestions?


    1. Oh no! This sound like a bug, I’ll have to look into it. Luckily this puzzle isn’t necessary to continue forwards in the game, it’s part of some special secrets. However, if you still want to solve it, there are 2 things that might fix it.
      1. Restarting the game. This would reset all your progress, but hopefully you would be able to progress past that point.
      2. Resetting the scene. If you click on the ‘game paused’ text, you will be taken to a debug menu. One of the buttons should say ‘reset scene’ which will reset all the progress in the scene you’re currently in. This would be an easier way to try and fix the bug in-game.
      Hope this helps. Let me know if you are having any other issues.


      1. Nope. Resetting the scene made no difference.


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